We specialize in medals with encapsulated soil collected from sacred Christian sites in Europe.

For the ecology-minded we offer the St. Francis of Assisi Patron Saint of the Environment medal. In a recess on the back side is a clear plastic capsule filled with soil collected from the grounds of the Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Assisi, Italy. The tomb of St. Francis is located in a crypt built under the Basilica. As St. Francis is also the Patron Saint of animals we offer the St. Francis Protector of Animals pet medal for dogs. This, too, holds a capsule of Assisi soil on the back side.

For those women seeking the heavenly protection of St. Agatha, we offer the St. Agatha Patron Saint of Breast Cancer medal. The back side holds a capsule of soil collected from the grounds of the ‘Badia di Sant’Agata’ or Abbey of St. Agatha in Catania, Sicily. St. Agatha’s remains are kept in a reliquary inside the Abbey.

Finely crafted in Italy and of superb quality our medals will assure you of many years of enjoyment. Invoke the protection of St. Francis and St. Agatha for yourself or your loved ones with our unique medals.